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Ever walked into an optometrist shop and felt completely lost as to what frames would suit you? You spend what feels like a lifetime trying to find that ‘perfect pair’. Then an optician walks up and offers to assist and ‘voila’ they select the perfect one straight off!

This is not a fluke when someone has been working in the optic field for a number of years, they acquire a sense of what spectacle frames will suit a person’s face shape.

They also become ‘those people’ who will notice a person’s spectacles first and then spend quite a bit of time thinking about those frames and if they would’ve chosen something different.

Our well-experienced experts at Leslie Sessel Optometrist will assist with balancing the materials, colours, shapes and styles of spectacle frames to your face shape and personality.

If you have a very round face, round frames will accentuate these features, so we may suggest selecting angular frames instead. Alternatively, people with a square jaw and hairline may want to choose rounder frames to soften their facial features.

If your face is longer shaped, you will benefit from frames with sides attached high on the corner of the lenses, making the frames sit lower on your face. 

And if short-faced, look at frames where the sides attach part-way down the frame/ lenses.

It is also important to consider your facial features… for example, a long nose will look longer if the bridge between the lenses are arched up and sit high between the eyebrows.

Our experts at Leslie Sessel Optometrist take all these elements into consideration while assisting you to choose your perfect frames.

Next up is the question of your lifestyle – how do you wish to look in your new spectacles? Professional, trendy, sporty, glamorous, intelligent…

And what are your glasses for? Reading, driving, all-day wearing or sport?

Frames can be tailor-made to fit you and the right pair can make life feel instantly better.

Finally, there is the all-important and ever-changing world of fashion – glasses have become a major fashion accessory! Are you looking for the latest fashionable brands or are you a traditionalist looking for what you know? We stock a wide range of top brands and stylish, fashionable eye-wear.

We would be delighted to assist you with choosing the best frames with prescription lenses, for your face.

The perfect fit is crucial to your being happy with wearing your spectacles/glasses, at Leslie Sessel Optometrist, our experts will look at the fit on your face and make necessary adjustments in our in-house workshop.

There is nothing worse than a poorly fitting pair of glasses that slide down your face and impair your vision.

Expert help in selecting the perfect pair of frames to suit you is invaluable and our experts at Leslie Sessel Optometrist are here to help!

Call us today or pop in to visit us where we’re are ready to help you find the ‘perfect pair’.

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