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Contact Lenses

Not keen on wearing spectacles, or looking for an alternative?

Play a sport in which glasses mist up or bounce around?

Contact lenses are the answer to your problem. Contact lenses are small prescription lenses which are placed on the surface of the eye, in front of your pupil. 

Not all contact lenses are the same - they are designed to meet your specific needs and lifestyle.

For this reason, Leslie Sessel Optometrist offers a wide range of prescription contact lenses to solve your vision problems.

Most contact lenses are disposable lenses which are replaced monthly, bi-weekly or daily.

Modern contact lenses can correct almost all refractive errors:

• Short-sightedness (or myopia)

• Long-sightedness (or hyperopia)

• Astigmatism (using toric lenses)

• Presbyopia (using monovision or varifocal contact lenses)


Leslie Sessel Optometrist will assist you in finding prescription contact lenses that:

• Enable you to see clearly

• Fit comfortably

• Match your lifestyle

To get the best service and advice on the correct type of prescription contact lens that will suit your needs and lifestyle, make an appointment today by completing the online appointment form below.

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