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Driver Screening

Leslie Sessel Optometrist offers learner driver and driver license eye screening as per requirements from the SA Department of Transport.

We will issue a certificate to those who pass the screening. This certificate is accepted by most licensing departments.

Very important – you need to bring a valid ID document with you before we are allowed to give you your certificate.

The Department of Transport has specified the vision requirements for the different categories of driving license. These requirements include:

• Visual acuity testing: you must have adequate distance visual acuity i.e. the ability to see detail at a distance of 6 metres and further. 

• Visual field testing: you must have adequate peripheral visual fields i.e. the ability to detect objects on either side while you are focussing directly ahead.

Other vision issues that can affect your driving are:

• Night vision is the ability to see detail in low light conditions. It is also the ability to cope with headlight glare from oncoming vehicles. Night vision deteriorates with age, but can in many cases be improved with appropriate glasses.

• Colour vision – certain categories of license require that you have normal colour vision. However, there is no treatment for colour vision deficiencies.

Why get a driver’s license eye screening at Leslie Sessel Optometrist, when you can go straight to the Department of Transport?

• Many patients find that the screening at the Department of Transport is confusing and difficult.

• If you fail the driver’s eye screening at the Department of Transport, they will refer you to an optometrist.

• The Department of Transport is not qualified to pick up any underlying eye defects or disease.

Good vision is essential for safe driving and you need to be able to see objects, other vehicles and road signs.

Peripheral vision is an important element to driving safely and you need it for basic driving activities such as changing lanes, seeing pedestrians and parking.

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