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Eye Exam

Leslie Sessel Optometrists offers a full, professional optical service including a comprehensive eye examination using the latest technology.  

Did you know, not only can having good vision improve your daily life but having a full eye exam annually can detect vision problems, eye disease and believe it or not general health problems before you know they exist!

In this day and age, we need to look after our eyes more than ever. On a daily basis, we expose our eyes to the harsh environments of digital eye strain and sun exposure. Today more people are suffering from environmental allergies and of course, as we all get older we might suffer from eye deterioration. 

So if you are in need an eye check-up or a more comprehensive eye vision test at affordable rates, come to Leslie Sessel Optometrist for a complete eye care solution.

What is the difference between a vision screening and a full eye exam?

Vision screening is a simple evaluation done by a school or factory nurse, or driving license department to check how well you can see. This simple evaluation cannot determine your optical prescription or detect irregularities, but it can provide a reasonable indication that you need a full eye exam.

A full eye exam and a vision test are performed by a qualified optometrist and tests all the aspects of vision including:

• Distance and near visual acuity without glasses.

• Refraction to determine your optical prescription, if any.

• Distance and near visual acuity with this correction.

• Coordination of the two eyes and depth perception.

• Colour vision assessment.

• External and internal examinations of the eye to check for eye health problems.

• Pressure test for glaucoma.

Based on the results of a full eye exam, we can provide a treatment plan for each individual. A treatment plan could be one or more of the following:

Spectacles and/or contact lenses

• Eye exercises

• Referral to an ophthalmologist

• Just a date recommendation for your next eye exam – usually an annual examination is advisable.

Important Note: If you currently wear contact lenses or glasses, it is a good idea to bring them to your appointment.

If you need an eye exam or a check-up, If you have any concerns about your vision, make an appointment today by completing the online appointment form below or call Leslie Sessel Optometrist today 

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