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Spectacles and Lenses

You have had your eye test and you need to get prescription glasses, spectacle lens replacement or just reading glasses. 

Not sure where to start? Not a problem, at Leslie Sessel Optometrist we have a wide range of stylish, designer and cost-effective frames to choose from. Our friendly and experienced dispenser and frame stylists will guide you every step of the way.

Leslie Sessel Optometrist uses advanced lenses for our patient’s spectacles. Modern technology makes these lenses thinner, lighter, clearer and more comfortable than ever before. Using cutting edge lens designs and coatings, Leslie Sessel Optometrist provides you with a range of choices to suit your individual needs. 

There are many different types of spectacle lenses:

• Single vision lenses for distance or near

• Bifocal lenses

• Varifocal lenses (also called multifocal lenses)

• Office lenses, which are near vision lenses with much greater depth of focus

• Anti-fatigue computer lenses

• Prescription sunglass lenses (polarised or non-polarised)

• Night driving lenses

• Transition lenses that adapt (lighten and darken) continuously to light levels.

Contact Leslie Sessel Optometrist if you need more information about the latest spectacle lens designs, tints, and lens coatings. We guarantee the best service and advice on your new pair of spectacles at affordable prices. We charge medical aid rates and are contracted to most medical aids.

Spectacle Frames

Spectacle frames are not just a means to hold your lenses. They are an extension of your personality and should match your lifestyle. 

There is a lot to think about when considering your new spectacle frames – rimless, half rim or full-rim? Do you want thin or thick frames? What colour should you choose and what frame suits your face size and shape.  The knowledgeable frame stylists at Leslie Sessel Optometrist will assist you in choosing your perfect frame. 

We stock the latest styles and designer brands, as well as a large range of high-quality unbranded frames. We will help you to achieve the style and feel that suits you - from sporty or fashionista to the more conservative or professional look.

To find the perfect frame for your prescription glasses, contact our specialists at Leslie Sessel Optometrist today or make an appointment today by completing the online appointment form below.

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